I had my surgery Nov 11th 2009 with Dr. Luis Betances. I cant even explain in words how wonderful my experience has been with him. At the beginning he appears to be this serious stuck up «i know everything» kind of doctor. but he is theeee COMPLETE opposite!! He makes sure to get to know you personally and become your friend during the process. His whole team of doctors are GREAT. starting from my appointments with the general doctor until the pyschiatrists! I did come to a few misunderstandings with his secretary Evelyn at CEDIMAT(the hospital where the procedure was done) which I was a bit disappointed about, but it was nothing major… just appointment scheduling misunderstandings. but his private office in MEDICALNET, the team is FABULOUS!! all the girls are great, starting out by his mom(lol) and Dr. Saldana!! Honestly, there is NOTHING i dislike about him.. I loved the attention I received before, during and after the procedure. the hospital stay was literally like staying at a 5 star hotel.. the nurses were INCREDIBLE. I literally sent out roses for them a week later because their attention was impecable. The nurse never took more than 2 minutes after I would push the button to come take care of me. Dr. Betances and Dr. Rodriguez(the general DR) would be in my room 2-3 times a day… The aftercare program is great. I have actually had the advantage to be able to stay in the dominican republic 3-6 months after my surgery, so I will be taking advantage of the aftercare program. I have weekly appointments with the Endocrinologist, Dr Urbaez(Shes great!!!), there are support groups, and any question Ive had, I have been able to call them even on weekends in the wee hours(lol) and I have been able to get a hold of someone. Even a doctor who was on vacation answered a few questions. Overall if I had to rate my experience out of 10…would be a 10+! Everything has been great!! my fave part of everything is knowing that his whole entire staff has really made an effort to make every patient feel special. it is rare to walk into a doctors office and the secretary to know you and any other patient by your first name. I would recommend him to anybody!! nothing better than having surgery in paradise! the dominican republic is beautiful!